Fixe Alien Revo Cam 1 Red


Fixe Alien Revo Cam 1 Red


The newest iteration of the Alien Cam – the Alien Revo (size 1, red). Now lighter, more flexible and more durable.

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The newest iteration of the Alien Cam – the Alien Revo (size 1, red). Now lighter, more flexible and more durable.

Aliens have always been a useful addition to any trad rack. They’re particularly secure in horizontal cracks thanks to their very flexible stem. Thanks to a narrow head profile, they’re also good in pockets and pin scars.

The Revo has changed significantly from the humble Original Alien Cam. When Fixe started manufacturing the Alien Evolution Cam, they added a rubber thumb pull, ergonomic finger rests on the trigger and added an extendable sling. In general, this produced a much more ergonomic design.

The Alien Revo Cam goes one step further. The entire unit is much longer (following Original Alien specifications). This makes it a more comfortable size to hold in-hand – and therefore more easy to place. Instead of flexible trigger cables, steel wires are used. This change, plus trigger components that are now aluminium instead of plastic, are probably what contributes to a much smoother action than previous Aliens. What’s more, the new geometry gives increased clearance and usability, while also increasing strength. The rivets have also been updated.

Despite all these changes, the unit is significantly lighter than older versions (the new size 1 is 61 grams, compared to a previous 84 grams).

All in all, this is a significant update that produces a lighter, more flexible and durable Alien Cam.


  • 20% weight reduction
  • Extendable sling
  • Ergonomic rubber thumb pull
  • Stronger aluminium cable swage
  • Aluminium trigger components
  • Replaceable steel trigger wires
  • Reduced head width


  • Size: 1
  • Colour coded: Red
  • 20-33mm
  • 10kN
  • 61g


Fixe Climbing Gear

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Weight 0.061 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 cm


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